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Termite Control in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Termite Treatment

Termites are the most common and destructive wood-consuming pest in Southern Florida. Termites never stop eating the wood they infest, and their colonies grow exponentially the longer they’re established. Left unchecked, termite colonies inflict significant structural damage to wooden structures in homes and businesses. If you have even the slightest suspicion that you have a termite problem, contact Petri Pest Control Services for termite treatment ASAP!

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When termites are established in your home, they can do major damage. They bore through the wood in your home, weakening important structural beams. They can end up costing you thousands in repairs. Because they’re so damaging, if you see signs of a termite infestation, call a trusted exterminator immediately. If you get it taken care of early, you can avoid serious structural damage.

Common signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Termite droppings (called “frass”)
  • Discarded termite wings
  • Irregularities or defects in paint
  • Sticky doors and windows
  • Holes or tunnels in wood
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Our Treatments Suppress & Stop Termite Activity

Treating a termite infestation usually requires a multi-pronged approach. It takes an experienced professional to create a treatment plan that eliminates termites from your home–and keeps them away for good. At Petri Pest, we have over 65 years of experience keeping homes free of termites. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our termite extermination services.

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Termite treatment services by Petri Pest Control in South Florida

Termite Control FAQs

Termites can cause damage that’s expensive to repair and in severe infestations, threaten the structural integrity of your home or business. Contacting a professional pest control company is crucial. In South Florida, invasive and aggressive Formosan and Asian subterranean termites are on the rise, causing serious damage in half the time native subterranean and drywood termites do. Drywood termites live inside the wood they infest and can be eliminated using tent fumigation techniques, as well as no-tent direct injection treatments. Formosan and Asian subterranean termites live in nests beneath the soil around your property. The most effective and permanent solution to getting rid of subterranean termites is the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active™. Petri Pest Control Services’ Sentricon specialists are trained and authorized to install this non-intrusive baiting system outside your home or business. Properly stocked with the appropriate bait, these stations continue to keep termites away from your property for many years. If you suspect there is termite activity, immediately contact a trusted, reliable pest control company, such as Petri Pest Control Services to perform a free termite inspection.

The truth is many times you can’t know for certain. A large percentage of the average home can’t be seen. In between walls, behind baseboards, and in areas of an attic or crawl space are all hidden areas that termites can be harboring. Many times, extensive damage can be occurring for years in these areas before people notice the problem. It is still a good idea to have the house inspected on an annual basis. Petri professionals are trained to check for signs of termite activity. This might be damaged or soft wood, mud tubes, pellets, or termite wings and bodies from swarmers. Since even the most thorough inspection does not always reveal this evidence and does not fully guarentee absence of termites, Petri recommends a preventative treatment for a customer’s peace of mind.

While Florida is home to many termite species, due to its favorable humid climate, two termite types cause most of the damage and destruction to wooden structures and structures with wood framing in Florida. The most destructive termites in Florida include drywood termites and several species of subterranean termites:

  • Drywood termites – the most common species in Florida but it is not as aggressive as Formosan and Asian subterranean termites with smaller populations
  • Formosan subterranean termites – from Taiwan and southern China, they are aggressive and invasive, a single colony may contain several million termites
  • Asian subterranean termites – from Southeast Asia, aggressive and invasive with massive colonies causing a large percentage of the damage in Florida
  • Eastern subterranean termites – native to North America, less aggressive than Formosan and Asian subterranean termites with smaller populations, most likely to be found in building timber
  • Dampwood termites – commonly found in tropical climates because they require higher humidity than other termites, infest structures with wood to soil contact areas where wood is constantly in contact with damp or wet soil, or areas with water from leaks/standing water. These termites are not considered a major structural pest.

If you need help identifying and treating the termites found in or around your home, contact Petri Pest Control Services to schedule an inspection.

Termites can be difficult to identify because these pests usually aren’t seen out in the open. Only when winged-reproductives, known as “alates,” swarm to choose their mates are these termites highly visible. Often mistaken for carpenter ants, termites have several characteristics that distinguish them from ants.

  • Termites have heads and thoraxes, while carpenter ants have heads, thoraxes, and an abdomen.
  • Carpenter ants have a distinct waist, whereas termites are more rectangular in their shape with no well-defined waist.
  • Termites have straight, beaded antennae but carpenter ants’ antennae are bent or “elbowed.”
  • Termites have two sets of symmetrical wings that are much longer than their bodies, while carpenter ants have a long pair of forewings and a shorter pair of hindwings.

Additionally, identifying termites in your home will take some careful observation skills. Keep an eye out for termite droppings, or frass – if you notice what looks like small piles of sawdust in your home, this is a definite sign of infestation. Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it, sagging floors, and small wings on windowsills are also signs of a termite infestation you may notice around your home. On the outside of your home, you may spot mud tubes on the walls. These usually look like they’re made of clay and dark brown.

If you spot anything that resembles a termite or a possible termite infestation, we urge you to contact an experienced professional as termite damage can become very extensive, very fast. Petri Pest Control Services is available for free termite inspections.

In South Florida, the question is not if you should get a termite inspection but rather when? Knowing that termites pose threats to your home and/or business that can prove expensive and destructive, you should get a termite inspection once a year and before your purchase a property as well. Professional pest control companies, such as Petri Pest Control Services, offer free termite inspections and the most current technology and materials to eliminate and prevent termites, depending on the type of termite present.

If you notice signs of termite activity, it’s important to contact a reliable pest control service immediately. Monitor your property for the following signs:

  • Small piles of sawdust-looking material called “frass” (termite droppings)
  • Warped or buckling walls, floors or doors that appear water damaged
  • Surfaces that sound hollow when tapped
  • Surfaces you can easily poke a hole through with a screwdriver
  • Discarded wings on windowsills
  • Indoor swarming
  • Mud tubes running up outside walls or nearby trees

Contact Petri Pest Control Services to schedule a free termite inspection and address the issue before it gets worse.

When renting, buying, or selling a home or business, banks and other financial institutions may require a wood-destroying organism (WDO) state report when considering a loan for a home or business. In these situations, reliable pest control companies charge a flat fee to conduct and process termite inspections for state reports. The cost varies depending on the location and the size of the property. The cost usually covers the pest control technicians’ time performing the inspection, plus compiling and submitting the report.

However; many people contact professional pest control companies as a proactive prevention measure or more often when they suspect termite activity is afoot in their homes and businesses. In either case, when you contact a reliable pest control company, such as Petri Pest Control Services, for an inspection, you’re doing so to get an estimate for the treatment of a current infestation or to enroll the prospect in a program to prevent infestations. Petri Pest Control Services does not charge potential customers to perform termite inspections. Contact us to schedule your free termite inspection!

In South Florida, termites, especially invasive subterranean termites are on the rise and can cause more damage in less time than native termites. Termites can cause cosmetic and structural damage that may compromise the value of your home or business. Termite damage can be expensive to repair so most home and business owners want to proactively protect their properties from termite activity.

Most home and business owner insurance policies do not cover termite damage and/or repair. A termite warranty acts as an insurance policy that protects your home or business from termites. Because termite treatments can be expensive, it is important to protect your property from termites. Issued by pest control companies, such as Petri Pest Control, most termite warranties are issued after a home is built and treated for termite prevention or after treatment for termites is completed.

It’s also important to understand what your warranty includes. Issued annually, some termite warranties cover the cost of termite treatment, and some cover the cost of termite treatment and damage repair, as well. South Florida termite warranties are renewable each year and transferable when you sell your home or business to a new owner. Should you have questions about termite warranty, please contact Petri Pest Control Services – we are here to help.

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