No-Tent Termite Treatment

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No Tent Termite Treatment by Petri Pest Control in South Florida

Petri’s professional inspectors and technicians perform thorough inspections before all termite treatments we perform, even fumigations which require an emphasis on inspecting to determine how to properly prepare the structure for tent fumigation. Our experts have the tools, know-how, and experience to find any termite infestation and tell you the best way to eliminate it for good. If you’ve been dealing with drywood termites in Broward or Palm Beach County, call Petri Pest Control for no tent termite treatment.

How Do Petri Termite Inspections Work?

Professional inspections are crucial to all termite treatments, especially if you opt not to fumigate. Petri utilizes the latest termite detection technologies to locate and isolate the termites in your property. The Termatrac device uses radar to scan for drywood termites and also includes temperature and moisture scanners for finding subterranean termites. Infrared and acoustical devices may be used to see otherwise hidden termite activity and pick up on the distinct sounds of termites feeding or foraging.

During an inspection, we combine these technologies with old-fashioned expert know-how and experience. Petri’s termite experts know where to look for termites and how to identify subtle signs of their presence. Once we’ve found signs of termite infestation, we can use our tools to track them back to their colonies. By locating each of the termite colonies near you, Petri’s experts can reliably identify the nature and extent of your termite infestation. Not only will this help us make an accurate recommendation on how to eliminate your termites, but it will also help make any localized treatment much more effective.

How Do Petri No-tent Drywood Termite Solutions Work?

First, Petri’s experts conduct a thorough inspection of the structure. During this inspection, we locate the specific living and feeding areas the termites have constructed within your structure through visual inspection and the latest termite detection technologies. After identifying these spaces, Petri’s experts directly inject our product through the infested wood. Direct injections allow Petri’s experts to eliminate termites without affecting your greater living or working space. You won’t have to pack up and vacate, bag up food and medicine, or trim back shrubbery the way you would if you opted for fumigation.

Unfortunately, we can’t solve every drywood termite problem without tenting. Our ability to use no-tent solutions will depend on the extent and accessibility of the termite infestation. If the termites reach an area we can’t access with direct injections, termite tenting could be your best option. Before Petri administers either control solution, we will conduct an inspection and recommend the best course of action. When you work with Petri, you will always get the most effective solution to your termite problem.

Call us today to schedule your no-tent termite removal in Palm Beach County or Broward County FL.

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No Tent Termite Treatment in South Florida

Serving Broward County and Palm Beach County

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