Why Is It Bad To Scratch Mosquito Bites

Scratching mosquito bites can further inflame the skin around the bite, making mosquito bites itch even more. When people scratch their skin, they risk breaking the skin and possibly creating an infection at the bite site. Every human’s skin reacts differently to mosquito bites, depending on the immune system’s response to mosquito proteins. These proteins cause people to release histamines that result in the nerves in the skin itching. Some people show no response to mosquito bites, while in other people, too much histamine released can cause swelling and pronounced red welts around the affected area that itch intensely.

To relieve the itch and avoid scratching, try one or more of these tried-and-true remedies:

  • Apply a cold compress to mosquito bites
  • Take oral antihistamines
  • Apply calamine lotion to the bite
  • Apply over-the-counter corticosteroids to the affected area
  • Soak in a colloidal oatmeal bath or make a colloidal oatmeal and water mask and place it on the bite
  • Steep and chill green or black tea bags and apply them directly to the bites
  • Rub basil leaves and coconut oil on the affected area
  • Apply a mixture of minced garlic and fractionated coconut oil to mosquito bites
  • Apply aloe vera leaf juice directly to bites

To avoid mosquito bites, always wear long sleeves, long pants, and insect repellent with DEET when going outdoors at dawn or dusk and for several hours into the night.

If you’re not able to enjoy your outdoor patio because of a mosquito infestation, contact Petri Pest Control Services. We’d like to tell you about our proven mosquito reduction techniques.

Why Is It Bad To Scratch Mosquito Bites in South Florida

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