Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch More At Night

For some people, mosquito bites itch more at night than during the day, for several reasons. These reasons include: Fewer distractions As people wind down from their days and try to go to sleep, they may be more aware of their skin itching, because fewer things are going on that distract them from their mosquito […]

What Months Are Mosquitoes Most Active In Florida

Florida’s tropical climate with year-round moderate to warm temperatures and plenty of humidity, mosquitoes can be active in Florida every month of the year. However, like in other regions of the US, mosquitoes are most active in the summer months from June through August. With temperatures rising, parts of the southeast and Florida are seeing […]

What Are The Biggest Bugs Found In Florida

Sometimes bugs seem scary because of their size.  Here are some of South Florida’s giants: Giant Water Bug Lethocerus griseus, more commonly known as the giant water bug grows to a length of about 2 inches and is found throughout the United States, including Florida. The giant water bug often called a “toe biter,” is […]

Why Are Bugs So Gross

Bugs can seem gross to some people because of the way they look and their behavior. The creepy crawly factor that people associate with encountering a massive number of bugs has provided the gross element that horror films promote to make people squirm, sending insects skittering through our subconscious. Associated with Halloween and haunted mansions, […]

What Time Of Year Are Bugs Most Active

Most bugs are more active in the warmer months of the year. When the temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, insects really are not able to move. At 45 degrees, they start to move slowly. Insects don’t become fully functional until temperatures reach 70 degrees. This means in most of the country, insects may become […]

What Time Of Year Is Best For Termite Treatment

The best time of year to treat your home or business for termites is winter because termite activity is pretty predictable during the winter. However, that does not mean you should wait until winter if you discover an infestation in another season. The sooner you treat your termite infestation, the better. In fact, addressing a […]

Are Bugs Scared Of Humans

Scientists are still trying to determine if bugs sense fear, pain, and other emotions. For most bugs, threats from overhead predators signal a negative response to hide or flee to another location. A 2015 California Institute of Technology study published in Science Daily found that fruit flies responded to a simulated overhead predator experiment by […]

How Long Does It Take For Drywood Termites To Cause Damage

As drywood termites live in the wood they infest and can go unnoticed for a long time, pest professionals cannot usually determine when drywood termite infestations actually started. With smaller colonies, rather than the invasive and more aggressive Formosan and Asian subterranean termites, drywood termite damage is more difficult to detect. Drywood termites also infest […]

How Long After Treatment Does It Take For Fleas To Die

If you are treating your flea infestation yourself, your flea problem may persist for months and even worsen due to ineffective materials available to consumers. When you decide to seek professional help for your persistent flea infestation, you will need to vacuum carpets every ten days after your professional flea extermination treatment. Then, you will need to remove […]

What Chemical Kills Fleas And Their Eggs

While some household products, such as boric acid and diatomaceous earth, can be used to deter fleas, along with vacuuming and shampooing flea-infested areas, often Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) provide the most effective chemicals to eliminate fleas. Usually, in the form of indoor, space, and surface treatments, the common chemicals used in IGRs are methoprene, […]