What Kind Of Ants Are In My House In Florida

The ants in your home in Florida could be any number of species that are attracted to sweet and or greasy foods and a convenient water source that can be found in your home. Generally, nuisance ants, such as sugar ants are the most likely suspects roaming around your kitchen and bathrooms. These ants are initially attracted to the honeydew secreted by some insects, including aphids, whiteflies, and scale insects on landscape plants, such as roses and ficus plants. Sugar ants may forage into your Florida home if there are cracks and crevices in your foundation or holes drilled in your walls for plumbing and utility lines have gaps between the pipes or cables and the drilled holes.

  • White-Footed Ants
    A little bit larger, medium-small white-footed ants are also among the most common South Florida ant species. These ants are also nuisance ants with large colonies that nest outside in bushes, mulch beds, leaf litter, in trees, and inside your home in difficult-to-reach wall voids.
  • Ghost Ants
    Appearing milky white with black heads, giving them a translucent appearance, these ants are hard to see and display erratic behavior that makes them seem to be in different places at different times, making nests difficult to locate.
  • Big-Headed Ants
    Sporting heads larger than their bodies, big-headed ants consist of the major workers in this species. Nesting in soil, these pests build super colonies with multiple queens that are difficult to control. Foraging for a mixed diet of honeydew-producing insects and other small insects, big-headed ants can excavate soil and do damage to your landscape.
  • Pharaoh Ants
    Most notable for foraging in strong, tightly linked trails, pharaoh ants are commonly seen in Florida homes. With multiple queens and multiple nesting locations, pharaoh ants are difficult to get rid of. They nest in leaf debris outdoors and once they are inside your home, they will look for wall voids, cabinets, food boxes, cracks, crevices, and many other convenient spaces. Resistant to most commercial ant products, pharaoh ants usually require a professional pest control treatment to eliminate nests.
  • Carpenter Ants
    Carpenter ants can cause structural damage, like termites, but they don’t eat wood. Instead, they carve it out to nest in. These ants pack a powerful punch with their extremely painful bites, making them problematic to deal with. Often building satellite nests in yards and landscapes, carpenter ants can be difficult to eliminate.

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What Kind Of Ants Are In My House In Florida in South Florida

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