What Are The Worst Insects In Florida

Due to the fact that mosquitoes in Florida are active year round, and transmit several pathogens, such as Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, West Nile virus, Encephalitis, and dog heartworm disease, they are considered some of the worst insects in Florida. Other contenders for the worst insects in Florida could be the variety of caterpillars that sport venomous bristles, such as the:

  • Buck moth caterpillar with prickly stingers and orange, yellow, and black coloring
  • Saddleback caterpillar that looks like it’s wearing a t-shirt, with tissue-destroying venom in its spines
  • Puss caterpillar that looks soft and pettable but those soft hairs are actually venomous barbs that stick in your skin
  • Io Moth Caterpillar with spines that can break off in your skin and cause swelling and irritation until the spine is removed.

Some would say that Red fire ants are the worst insects in Florida, and that may be the case, if you or someone you know has accidently had a run in with them. Their bites sting like you’re on fire, hence the name and fire ants usually sting en masse. Fire ants can sting more than once, as well. However, fire ants usually steer clear of humans, building their mounds in open spaces in yards, where you can’t miss them.

Cockroaches can also be placed in the worst insect category. South Florida’s warm and humid environment suits cockroaches, as they proceed to reproduce rapidly under your fridge, other kitchen appliances, and in your bathroom. Roaches can be difficult to eliminate from your home without a reliable pest control company that has access to professional strength materials and baits. In order to keep roaches out of your home, sealing any holes, cracks, or crevices in your foundation, as well as around windows and doorways can help to exclude cockroaches from entering your home. You should then contact a reliable pest control professional to set up a pest-free zone around the perimeter of your property, to stop pests where infestations at their source, before they can enter your home.

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What Are The Worst Insects In Florida in South Florida

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