What Are The Little Ants In Florida

Several species of little ants make Florida their home, including ghost ants, pharaoh ants, and little black ants. These ants are considered nuisance ants, as they do not pose health threats to humans.

While a persistent ant issue can prove stressful, ghost ants can cause even higher levels of stress, due to their almost translucent appearance, with black heads and milky white bodies, in addition to their erratic behavior. Seeming to be in one place at one time, ghost ants can suddenly appear in a different place at will. Their translucency and erratic behavior make it difficult to tell where ghost ants are coming from or in which direction their nests may lie.

Pharaoh ants have been dubbed resistant to over-the-counter ant treatments. Pharaoh ants have proven difficult to eliminate also because these ants form super colonies, with multiple queens, in a network of nesting locations. Adaptable to outdoor living in warm climates, such as South Florida, nesting in leaf litter, pharaoh ants do well indoors, as well, nesting in almost any crack, crevice, void, cabinet, food box, and other convenient spaces.

Little black ant colonies can contain several thousand members and are often located in dark, protected areas. Foraging workers forage in trails, frequently along sidewalks and foundation walls. Indoors, little black ants are usually located in wooden items as well as in wall voids and the junction in the space between carpets and walls. With multiple queens, little black ants are difficult to eliminate.

To eradicate small ants from your Florida home, contact a professional pest control company, such as Petri Pest Control for a free pest inspection. We’ll locate ant nests in your yard and install bait stations strategically so that the colony will take the bait back to their nests, infecting the other colony members. Infecting the queens will signal the end of the colony, as ant colonies can’t survive without queens to reproduce and sustain the colony.

What Are The Little Ants In Florida in South Florida

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