Is It Normal To See Roaches In Florida

It is normal to see roaches in Florida as these disease-carrying pests thrive in Florida’s semitropical, humid, and warm climate. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), South and Southwestern Florida are home to some of the densest roach populations in the entire country. In fact, a study found that 30.4% of Florida homeowners report at least one infestation per year. Shockingly, 37.6% of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg homeowners reported at least one roach infestation per year. Roaches are most active at night so it’s not rare for Floridians to experience roaches scattering when they turn on the light in a dark kitchen or bathroom.

Some roaches, such as American cockroaches, terrify visitors and homeowners alike by their size and the fact that while they are outdoor dwellers, sometimes they venture indoors, especially during extended periods of rain. Ranging from 2- to 3-inches in length, American cockroaches can also fly and have been known to fly into humans, mistaking them for trees.

Other smaller roaches, such as Smokybrown roaches are more prevalent fliers and are attracted to light. They can be seen flying around porch lights and on occasion, into houses through an open window.

Although you never want to see any roaches in your home, German cockroaches and Brown-banded cockroaches are particularly unwelcome as they’re hard to get rid of.  German cockroaches prefer dark, humid habitats such as under kitchen appliances and in bathrooms, while Brown-banded roaches, dubbed “furniture” roaches prefer drier spaces, such as living rooms and bedrooms. Also important to make note of is how quickly German cockroach populations can get out of hand – one female German cockroach can produce over 300,000 offspring in a year.

When cockroaches take over your home, you will see their feces tracks wherever they roam, in kitchen drawers and on cabinet shelves, as small dark spots. If you’re seeing this, you need to call in the local pest control professionals you can trust – Petri Pest Control Services. Whether you’re in Broward County or Palm Beach County, our team will inspect your home, make recommendations, and begin treating your home for a roach infestation right away.

Is It Normal To See Roaches In Florida in South Florida

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