How Can I Improve My Lawn In Florida

You can improve your Florida lawn in many ways. Correct fertilizing, watering, and mowing techniques go a long way to help your grass stay green and healthy all year long but there’s more to it.

Consider these tips to improve your lawn in Florida:

  • Start by cleaning up your lawn in the spring by removing sticks, animal droppings, and debris that has collected on your lawn during the winter months.
  • Rake your yard vigorously to remove leaves and piles of thatch that have settled on your lawn. This helps air circulate better through your lawn and will also improve drainage, increase moisture and nutrient absorption, and help your lawn develop a tolerance for extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic.
  • Remove weeds from your lawn – pull them out by their roots to prevent regrowth.
  • If you aren’t reseeding your lawn, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring before weeds sprout to inhibit weed germination.
  • Check for fungus, disease conditions, and lawn pests. Because identifying pests and fungus or disease conditions can prove challenging, contact a professional pest control and lawn care specialist such as Petri Pest Control Services to inspect your lawn and suggest a treatment plan to support your lawn’s overall health.
  • Mow your lawn after you tune up your mower and sharpen or replace your blades. Never mow your lawn shorter than ⅓ of the length of your grass blades when mowing. Mowing your grass shorter will weaken your grass’s root system.
  • Apply the correct fertilizer. Early spring is a great time to fertilize in South Florida. A soil test will tell you if your soil needs nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. Choosing a fertilizer high in the deficient nutrient will help nourish your lawn.
  • Watering your lawn correctly is important to train grass roots to go deeper in the soil to find water. Otherwise, over-watering leads to a shallow root system for your lawn and allows pests, fungus, and diseases to enter your lawn.

Contact Petri Pest Control Services to help you maintain a healthy and happy, green lawn all year round.

How Can I Improve My Lawn In Florida in South Florida

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