Does Rain Affect Pest Treatments

Many pest treatments outside bind to organic matter and are not water-soluble. Most pest control treatments that are applied on the exterior of homes are protected by the eaves of homes and aren’t subjected to heavy rain.

Flooding caused by hurricanes or extreme rains can have a different effect on treatments. It’s not the rain that affects your pest treatment but the movement of soil from the organic matter it is bound to. Soil erosion can cause soil to move away, or against foundations, as well as cover foundation walls and treated vertical zones. Standing water around house foundations can create problems, such as rot, decay, fungus, and mold, according to a Pest Control Technology article. Moving water transports sand, debris, silt, and oils from roadways, driveways, and drain systems that can build up around structures covering treated zones. Stand-alone bait stations can be as effective as non-repellent liquid treatments installed in your yard.

The problems arise when soil and debris are deposited on top of bait stations and monitors, making them difficult to find. Standing water can cause the baits in the stations to decay and cause mold to form on monitor materials. If repairs to structures are required, you should wait until the repairs are completed to replace bait stations and monitors. Standing water for several days can greatly reduce subterranean termite activity because subterranean termites don’t move to higher ground to avoid drowning. Unless part of the colony was already living in trees, subterranean termites can only survive from 19-30 hours underwater once tunnels and wood are flooded with water.

Depending on the amount of rain and the subsequent flooding, rain can affect pest treatments. If you have concerns, we recommend speaking with your pest control technician to ensure your home is protected from any and all pests. In South Florida, look no further than the knowledgeable team at Petri Pest Control Services. Call us to schedule a free pest inspection today!

Does Rain Affect Pest Treatments in South Florida

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