Why Are There So Many Roaches In Florida

There are so many roaches in Florida because roaches are attracted to the warm, humid climate of the Sunshine State. With so many humans in Florida, roaches can find a limitless supply of food just in the trash that people discard in dumpsters, on the street, and in home trash receptacles. Many roaches live outdoors and help clean up the environment by eating dead and decaying matter. Some of these species of roaches common to Florida include:

  • American Cockroaches
  • Smokybrown Cockroaches
  • Australian Cockroaches
  • American Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches
  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches

When thinking about how many roaches are in Florida, keep in mind that roaches can reproduce at alarming rates. One female German roach, for example, can produce more than 300,000 offspring in one year, with roaches reaching maturity in 36 days.

Some cockroaches have adapted to living with humans and are strictly indoor, domestic roaches. Because roaches live in their own feces, eat their own feces, and track their feces all over your home, they can cause food-borne illnesses and transmit several human pathogens such as Typhoid Fever, Bubonic Plague, Diarrhea, Leprosy, Dysentery, and others. In homes, roaches can also cause allergic reactions such as sinus infections, ear infections, wheezing, coughing, and other symptoms that last longer than seasonal allergy discomforts. The presence of roach feces attracts more roaches, in addition to the oleic acid dying cockroaches emit, known as the “death stench” which attracts even more roaches.

They hide out in the daytime and are most active at night, allowing them to fly under the radar until their numbers increase to the point you see them in drawers, cabinets, and scattering in all directions when you suddenly turn on a light in a dark kitchen or bathroom.

Have you seen roaches scrambling when you turn on the lights? Or have you started noticing roach droppings in your pantry? Our professional pest control team will come out and help you eliminate your roach problems. Contact Petri Pest Control Services to schedule a visit to your South Florida home today.

Why Are There So Many Roaches In Florida in South Florida

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