When Should I Spray For Bugs In The Spring

You should spray for bugs in the early spring before pests come out of their dormant states, waiting in shrubs and trees for spring to emerge. Spray your lawn, trees, and shrubs to control these pests in early March before new green begins to sprout. Using a dormant spray, such as horticultural oil or neem oil will control aphids, mites, caterpillars and the eggs of insects laid just before the dormant season. Spraying these insecticidal oils for these insects early will prevent pests from developing into threats and protect your new plant growth from infestation. Neem oil is tricky and must be applied at certain times of the day to protect beneficial insects from elimination. Dormant sprays can also make your plants susceptible to sunburn if applied in direct sunlight.

Spraying your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring before new growth starts will keep weeds from growing on your lawn and will also help to keep the bug population in your lawn in check. A pre-emergent herbicide should not be applied if you’ve reseeded your lawn, however, as the herbicide will inhibit your grass seed germination, as well.

To take the guesswork out of preventing bugs on your lawn, contact a trusted, professional pest control company, that also specializes in lawn care programs. If you want your South Florida lawn to reflect your tropical ornamental landscaping, only a lush green, healthy lawn will do. Therefore, spraying your lawn for bugs in the spring should be done by a professional pest control service as over-the-counter DIY insecticides may eliminate beneficial insects that feed on lawn pests. As professionals, we use proven materials and techniques only available to licensed and certified pest control professionals that will save you money and time, while also minimizing the impacts on beneficial insects and the environment.

Contact Petri Pest Control Services to address your lawn care and lawn bug concerns.

When Should I Spray For Bugs In The Spring in South Florida

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