Is There A Cockroach Season In Florida

While it’s always cockroach season in Florida because the temperate and humid climate is ideal for roaches, like most of the insect population, when days get shorter and temperatures cool down, roaches slow down, as well. However, some roaches, such as German cockroaches, cannot tolerate cooler temperatures and will die off or hibernate in colder parts of the country. In Florida, German cockroaches already in your home will move around less and can concentrate on growing their populations in the cooler months. When days get longer and temperatures warm up, roach activity increases, like most of the insect world.

American cockroaches may venture indoors during the late summer months due to more rain at this time of year in Florida. To keep from drowning, American cockroaches, the giants of Florida roaches, also known by several other names including Palmetto Bugs, will seek a dry place out of the rain. Extreme heat will drive American cockroaches indoors, as well – this can sometimes be your home. American cockroaches can enter homes through drains in dishwashers or through an open door, window, or through cracks in your home’s foundation.

Roaches like warm and humid conditions so some will seek warmth, shelter, and water in homes during cool spells in Florida. With climate change, temperatures in Florida may be less likely to dip below 50 or they might dip more some years, due to the condition of the polar vortex during winter months. Stronger hurricanes and other super rain events may drive more roaches indoors in the summer months.

To prevent roaches from entering your home in any season, sanitize your home, correct all water issues, and contact a professional pest control company, such as Petri Pest Control Services, Inc. for a free pest inspection. We will customize a plan to protect your home from pests, so there will not be a roach season in your Florida home.

Is There A Cockroach Season In Florida in South Florida

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