Do Termites Hibernate In The Winter Months

Termites are less active in the winter months but unlike some insects, termites do not hibernate or go dormant. In colder regions, you are unlikely to see termites during winter because they take shelter from the cold by burrowing into their nests to protect themselves from the winter weather. For example, the subterranean termite will spend the harsh winter below the freeze line. But if you live an area with milder winters, like Florida, you can expect these termites to be more active during the winter. Making them a problem for homeowners all year long. This tends to be especially true if the termites have settled under your home’s foundation where it is warmer. When this happens, subterranean termites are known to remain active all year long. In these cases, you might see termites start swarming in the late winter months instead of the spring.

Drywood termites in the wild will winter in hollowed-out dead trees and stumps. Drywood termites that have already breached structures before the cold weather sets in, through weakened damp wood or ground to wood contact, have found the perfect place to winter. Requiring no soil contact or additional water source other than the moisture from the wood they ingest, drywood termites hollow out galleries in the wood they are infesting in your home or business. According to a University of California, Berkeley study, Seasonal and Daily Patterns in Activity of the Western Drywood Termite, that used wood logs to gauge termite activity during all four seasons, found that drywood termites remain active in every season, but that reduced activity was attributed to cooler temperatures, with activity peaking in the late afternoon. The study also noted that warmer winter days proved to be one of the peak periods of feeding for drywood termites.

Regardless of the season, if you suspect termite activity in or around your home, contact Petri Pest Control Services to schedule your annual termite inspection before they can do more damage.

Do Termites Hibernate In The Winter Months in South Florida

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