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Pest Control and Exterminators in Boynton Beach FL

Exterminators in Boynton Beach FL

Where sunshine meets coastal charm, Boynton Beach enchants with its pristine beaches, lively waterfront promenade, and vibrant arts scene. In an area with so much to see and do, pests are the last thing you want to come across—and with Petri Pest Control Services, Inc. by your side, infestations will be the last thing on your mind! Our team provides Pest Control to ensure unwanted critters stay away from your property.

From cockroaches to mosquitoes and spiders or any other type of creepy-crawly, when you work with our team, you'll always get the utmost professionalism and friendly service. But that's not all. Petri Pest Control Services, Inc. also offers ground-up lawn care services including lawn pest control and whitefly removal. For questions about pest control or lawn care, or to schedule an appointment or get a free quote, reach out today!

Enjoy the Healthy, Vibrant Lawn of Your Dreams

Petri Pest Control Services offers comprehensive lawn care and lawn pest control, focusing on battling common nuisances like chinch bugs, armyworms, sod webworms, fire ants, and more. Our tailored solutions go beyond mere treatment, providing homeowners with actionable advice on proper lawn maintenance to prevent future infestations. We even offer specialized whitefly control service. Ready to take your lawn to the next level? Contact Petri today!

Schedule Your Termite Extermination Service Now

If termites are an unwelcome guest in your Boynton Beach residence, it's time to turn to a name that's been synonymous with effective pest control in Palm Beach and Broward County since 1956. Petri Pest Control Services, Inc. understands that termite infestations require personalized strategies, not one-size-fits-all solutions that might work in some homes but not others. With our array of treatment options, including tented fumigation, no-tent treatments, and bait stations, we're committed to developing a comprehensive plan that tackles your termite problem today while preventing tomorrow's infestations.

Lawn and shrub care in Boynton Beach FL by Petri Pest Control

Pest Control in Boynton Beach

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