Tent Fumigation

Petri’s Positive Pest Control, inc. is fully licensed and certified to perform tent fumigations of homes and businesses. The tent, which is comprised of several tarpaulins or ìtarpsî, is set over the structure and sealed completely before a fumigant or gas is introduced into the building. All persons must vacate the structure for approximately 48 hours. The purpose of fumigating a structure is most commonly to eliminate infestations of drywood termites. Infestations of such insects as powder post beetles or wood-borers are less common but also require fumigation.

Fumigation is an area of pest control that requires experience and knowledge in order to be certain the work is done safely and correctly. Petri’s fumigation staff is fully trained and properly certified in this very specialized treatment.

If you have further questions on tent fumigation you may call or e-mail us or refer to our FAQ page.