Shrub and Ornamental Program

 Petri recommends that lawn customers also protect and maintain their shrubs and ornamentals (small trees and plants less than 10 feet tall surrounding the building). Many Petri’s lawn customers want their trees and shrubs taken care of as well. Many common plants such as Ixoras and Hibiscuis are very susceptible to piercing-sucking insects like aphids, mealy bugs, scale, spider mites, and whiteflies. Chewing insects like beetles and caterpillars can also cause damage to the foliage of trees and shrubs. Petri recommends that trees and shrubs get sprayed on a regular schedule throughout the year  for best control. Many plants are susceptible to fungus as well, especially if they are overwatered. Petri will treat with a fungicide if a fungus condition exists.

Certain properties may have large trees such as palms, black olive, green button-wood, oak, etc. that are occasionally susceptible to pests and disease. These may be treated as an additional service by Petri on an individual case by case basis or we will refer our client to an arborist or tree company that specializes in the treatment and care of large trees.

 We will also fertilize trees and shrubs at least twice a year and up to four times a year for best results. If a customer should notice an issue with their trees or shrubs in between our regularly scheduled visits, we will return for free retreatment for all covered pests.