“No Tent” Termite Solutions

For drywood termite problems the “no tent”, or localized treatments, allow for a more surgical approach than whole structure tent fumigation. Termite colonies are treated directly through an injection into the infested wood. In addition, other wood members that are not yet infested may be treated preventatively as part of our treatment. One of the most important benefits to the customer is convenience. The customer is not required to pack up with their pets and vacate the premises for two or three days. In addition, the customer does not have to bag up food and medicines, trim back shrubbery, and go through the other preparations required when homes are tent fumigated.

As part of many of our “no tent” treatments Petri utilizes some of the most advanced termite detection technology available in the Termatrac device and the Acoustical Emissions device in order to isolate termite activity. The Termatrac can detect activity using radar for drywood termites and temperature and moisture readings for subterranean termites. The acoustical device’s unique sensitivity picks up the distinct sounds of termites foraging and feeding in wood. This technology, combined with the latest and best foaming and misting equipment and use of the most effective termite products on the market today, including Termidor through BASF and Premise through Bayer, allow for a major increase in the success of localized treatments.

However, not every termite problem can be eradicated utilizing the “no tent” method. The level of infestation and the accessibility to treat the termite colonies directly are two determining factors. An inspection of your home or business by Petri is necessary to determine if this method of treating drywood termites is the best approach for you.