Proactive Tips to Control Pests after a Storm

It looks like 2016 is going to be an active tropical storm / hurricane season! With the tropics being active, now is a good time to proactively start preparing your home – inside and out.
When storms make their way up the coast, studies show there is a spike in pest populations. Contrary to what some make think, heavy rains do not wash pests away. If anything pest populations increase as they seek out new grounds to live. This makes your home, especially wet areas around your home, a prime target. Any exposed wet wood, debris and standing rain water are all prime sources pests will seek out to breed
Simple Tips to Prepare:
• Increase your pest control efforts by properly sealing entryways – doors and window frames, loose screens, attic vents, and even weather stripping around your garage doors.

• Quickly clean up after inclement weather has passed through. Be sure to empty all containers, uncovered garbage cans, and debris as quickly as possible. Tipped over garbage cans with food can attract rodents and other pests to your property.

• Inspecting your roof for any leaks, holes or missing tiles after a storm is effective in ensuring critters do not seek shelter in your attic.

• Beware of cockroaches! Cockroaches often live in sewer drains. As water levels rise outside due to storming weather, these water bugs often climb up and out of pipes infesting kitchen areas. It’s imperative to repair any leaks and crevices immediately to eliminate colonies from spreading. In Florida, cockroaches will also live in palm trees and under mulch, but they may find shelter in your attic should a storm displace them. It may often be weeks, or months, after a storm that a roach or rodent problem is finally discovered after the pests and/or critters have established themselves in your attic or crawl space and have begun to venture out to other areas of your home.

The best pest control is preventative to treat problems before they arise. Homeowners that establish an efficient pest management program from professional exterminators delivered strategically throughout the year, before and during at-risk seasons, are the best prepared and protected during hurricane season. To learn more about Petri Pest Solutions annual pest control programs, call 954781-4100 or visit

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