How to Prevent Squirrels from Carving Your Pumpkins

Pumpkin picking and carving are some of the most popular outdoor activities during the month of October. To make sure your perfect pumpkin and masterful carving stay intact, here are a few simple ways you can repel squirrels and prevent them from making a meal out of your festive pumpkin creations:


1. Seal it up. Once you’re finished carving, spray the entire fruit with sealing lacquer or hair spray. The result will be a hard, sticky texture that squirrels cannot and will not want to permeate.

2. Pour on the vinegar. When poured on and around your pumpkins, the strong scent of white vinegar can repel squirrels, ants and other pesky insects. Be careful not to overdo it though, as the vinegar’s acidity can potentially ruin the pumpkin.

3. Use hot pepper. Blend up some hot peppers or use hot sauce to cover the pumpkin’s exterior. Squirrels will be deterred by not only the smell, but the taste as well if they get close enough. For added protection, sprinkle some cayenne pepper around your pumpkins as a warning.

4. Use scare tactics. Placing an owl statue near your pumpkin can scare squirrels and keep them off of your property. In addition, installing a motion-activated light sensor, or simply placing a motion-activated sprinkler or air blaster will shock any intruders and have them running for cover.

If you seem to be having trouble keeping your seasonal decorations safe from small rodents, you may have a bigger problem that needs professional attention. If you’re worried about a possible rodent infestation, we offer a free evaluation by one of our expert professionals! Call Petri at 954-781-4100 today!

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