Management Team

Henry C. Petri – Founder (May 9, 1921 – December 4, 2012)

Petri’s Positive Pest Control was founded by Henry C. Petri in Miami Beach, Florida in 1956. Mr. Petri served as President of the Florida Pest Control Association from 1962-1963 and in 1978 as President of Associated Pest Control, a small, elite, international association. In June of 1990, Hank Petri was honored and presented the Pioneer Award at the Florida Pest Control Association’s annual convention for his contributions and sincere dedication to the pest control industry in the State of Florida. Although Mr. Petri passed in 2012 his legacy endures at the company and his philosophy of “putting the customer first” is something Petri’s continues to believe strongly in today.

Brendan E. Cavanagh

President of Petri’s Positive Pest Control since 1985, Brendan Cavanagh joined Petri’s Positive Pest Control in 1972 when he and his family moved to South Florida from New Jersey. Petri’s experienced its greatest growth in the 70’s and 80’s under Mr. Cavanagh’s leadership in the areas of sales and public relations. A past president of both the Florida Pest Control Association and Associated Pest Control, Mr. Cavanagh played an important role in the opening of the Florida Pest Control Association’s main office and headquarters in Orlando, Florida in 1986.

Deborah R. Lausier

Secretary-Treasurer of Petri’s Positive Pest Control, Deborah, a fully certified pest control operator since 1976, has been actively involved in the management of Petri’s since 1984. Deborah’s degree in marketing and experience working with the public have proven to be valuable in developing Petri’s mission – protecting people and property against harmful insects and nuisance pests in an effective, professional manner.

Christopher Cavanagh

Vice-President and General Manager, Christopher, a certified pest control operator, joined his family’s company in December of 1995. A graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Business Communications, Christopher oversees all aspects of the daily operations of Petri’s while representing Petri’s at various community organizations and at the Florida Pest Management Association.