What Impact Do Tropical Storms & Hurricanes Have on Local Pests?

For those of us from South Florida, we know that the arrival of hurricane season also means the arrival of “fire ant season.” Wet, humid and moist weather caused by lurking storms and hurricanes cause a significant increase in fire ant activity.

Fortunately for South Florida, the recent tropical depressions have by-passed us in recent weeks. However the excessive daily rainfall and remnant moisture especially here in Broward and Palm Beach counties are forcing fire ants to seek drier grounds – for example, your home! These pests are more prominent in wet conditions and quickly move to dry areas during hurricane season.

Did You Know? Fire ants are one of the most flood-resistant species in the world. It’s not that fire ants are aquatic by nature. But they are quite adept at evacuating a flooded nest to ensure the colony’s survival. Fire ants form floating “rafts” by locking their legs together when their mounds are flooded. These rafts contain the entire colony – worker ants, eggs, larvae, pupae, winged males and females and queen ants. Once the raft hits dry ground or a tree, rock, or other dry object, the ants can leave the water. Spot-treating mounds or infected corners in your home will not get rid of the infestation.


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